TwistedTales is moving!

  I am proud to announce the launch of my new website! There you will find links to my work as well as this blog. Please check it out, and while you're there, please subscribe to my newsletter for extras, sneak peeks at book 2, and special offers! The first ten subscribers on the website... Continue Reading →


-Content warning.   What makes a monster? Is a monster born that way? Is he aware of his own monstrosity? I ponder this as I watch them shout holding their signs. Distraught and angry relatives of the victims. “Fry the Monster! “ reads one of the signs. He murdered a family in cold blood. A... Continue Reading →

The Blue Jay and the Hawthorn

The blue jay swooped and spun over the lush valley, diving and swerving to evade the Enemy. The hawk, hungry and not to be outdone, corrected its flightpath, twisting around. The blue jay darted suddenly, when the Enemy was inches from her tail. The hawk dove but not quickly enough. By the time the hawk... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Darkness

I know why you hurry up the basement stairs with your basket of clothes, or your bottle of wine – as if something was chasing you. They grab for your feet as you rush up the stair, but you are too fast for them. I know why you are afraid of the dark. I know... Continue Reading →

The Shockalot Box, Jane Badrock

  We are trying something new here at Twistedtales. I met a great lady on Twitter who writes nice little twisted tales of her own. I’m going to share with you all a little taste of her work, as well as some information about her, as she was kind enough to answer my annoying questions.... Continue Reading →

Gloria Dubois

My final day in that grand house lives on in my memory, stabbing me. What had I done? Had I tempted fate, angered the gods? The cruelty of fate, of love. The cruelty of it all. She was aged, withered, and fragile when I first visited her home as her nurse. This, the woman I... Continue Reading →

Hello from Twisted Tales

Hello to my readers, my friends, both old and new! I want to talk about things that go bump in the night, those shadows that you see on the edge of your vision. I want to hear your stories. What strange, little unexplained things have you encountered? I’ve told you some of mine. They are... Continue Reading →

The Figurine

“The lawn is lovely,” the woman looking at the house said, then pointed, “except that spot. The grass there looks dead.” It was dead, brown and rotting, despite the grass surrounding it being lush and green. “Oh that,” Mary had said, “It’s been that way for a while now. I have no idea why.” How... Continue Reading →

The Homecoming

As I grabbed my carry-on and wove through the chaos of faces, bodies, luggage, and crying babies, I thought what I needed was a shower and a stiff drink, and to see my wife again. The trip had been a bust. Flying across the globe to wine and dine a prospective investor, something that should... Continue Reading →

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For a free copy of Fate Unknown, go to my facebook page , follow the instructions, and comment on that post. Adults only. Five copies will be given away in total. Get yours today! May not be applicable outside the US.  

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